RB-Investor GmbH

RB-Investor is a limited liability company under German law and we are a service provider for investments in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the USA and Russia.

We work directly on our own entrepreneurial account and we work as a processor with and for partners.

RB-Investor GmbH is based on more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in the above mentioned markets.

The range of services offered by RB-Investor GmbH includes the formation, purchase, sale, mergers and liquidation of companies. In addition, it provides support in financing, accounting and management.

Our approach of the support is not fixed to a specific industry - we have been servicing a wide range of mandates the last years: Support of Russian investors in the furniture industry, investments in Switzerland, a medium-sized American bank in its engagement in Russia or supporting some German medium-sized companies in financing in the USA - and own investments in bauxite processing.